The AI Optimist
The AI Optimist
Episode 2 - AI Prep Course - Fear and AI Respect

Episode 2 - AI Prep Course - Fear and AI Respect

AI will leave many behind, because changes in society cause fear. Of the unknown, untested, of the future. In this short lesson we'll take the first step in seeing what AI can do for you.

What can AI do for you? Skills and Opportunities

1. Self Reflection: How can AI help today?

👉👉 What do you enjoy doing, and what are you good at?

👉👉 When do you feel the most productive?

👉👉 What holds you back from improving? Identify gaps.

2. Define your Marketing Skill Sets
and Skills needing help (example)

✅ Digital marketing skills (SEO, PPC, email, social media marketing, content creation, etc.) marketing

✅ Knowledge of marketing tools and platforms (Google Ads, Meta Ad Manager, Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc.)

✅ Data analysis skills (Google Analytics, data visualization, predictive analytics, etc.)

✅ Communication and presentation skills

3. Skill Self Rating
(ask for feedback from if possible,
collaborate in Teams!)

🔷🔷 Rate yourself on each of these skills from 1-10.

🔷🔷 Be honest and objective as possible.

🔷🔷Ask for feedback from anyone familiar with your work.

🔷🔷 Get their input on your skills.

The Key is Asking the Right Question

Ask Understanding questions:

  • What works best?

  • What has not worked?

AI is built on what others have done: GenAI is a smart copycat, and it’s easy to sound like everyone else.

Above all, focus on the customer, listen to them, and use AI to set you apart, not to simply do what others are doing.

The AI Optimist
The AI Optimist
Moving beyond AI hype, The AI Optimist explores how we can use AI to our advantage, how not to be left behind, and what's essential for business and education going forward.
Each week for one year I’m exploring the possibilities of AI, against the drawbacks. Diving into regulations and the top 10 questions posed by AI Pessimists, I’m not here to prove I’m right. The purpose here is to engage in discussions with both sides, hear out what we fear and what we hope for, and help design AI models that benefit us all.