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🌱 AI Education, People First 🔥Student-owned NFTs + Gaming = New Ways to Measure Success from Learning

Picture yourself 5 years from now - a teacher guided by a student's NFT learning styles/record makes a smart contract with you/your child's experience and data. AI and education is happening. EP #25

At the intersection of education and technology lies Learning Frequency. Amanda Slavin’s startup uses experiential learning, NFTs and AI to revolutionize how students learn and teachers teach.  

In this episode of The AI Optimist podcast, we interview Amanda, an author and founder of the ed-tech startup Learning Frequency.

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00:00.00 AI and Too Much Info!

00:00:55 Intro to AI Education, People First

00:02:16 Remembering Tony Hsieh

00:04:08 Origins with Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy class

00:05:50 Recognize the individual.

00:06:49 Frequency Bot - how students learn

00:08:05 Evaluate Gaming Time Value

00:09:04 How Learning Frequency Works

00:10:35 AI First or People First? Roblox Example, games, and Minecraft

00:12:29 Making It Accessible - NFTs and AI

00:14:34 Integrating Experience into Learning Frequency

00:17:47 Gaming and Education working together

00:18:56  Student Owns NFT info – End

Amanda Slavin of Learning Frequency

Slavin has developed the 7 Levels of Engagement framework to fundamentally shift how learning is measured and valued, giving students ownership over their own data and learning journeys.

Her company uses NFTs and AI to create personalized learning profiles that map students’ engagement across different modalities and environments - both digital and analog.

As Slavin explains, traditional education takes a one-size-fits-all approach and risks reducing students to “output machines.”

With Learning Frequency, the goal is to embrace the diversity of learning styles and what makes each student unique.

The end vision is a blended reality where learning happens fluidly across mediums, validated wherever it occurs.

Games like Minecraft and Roblox could someday be certified by Learning Frequency as bonafide learning environments.

Through Learning Frequency, Amanda has been at the forefront of integrating AI into educational frameworks, aiming to revolutionize how we learn and interact with information.

Her book, The Seventh Level, delves into the psychology of engagement and learning, proposing innovative digital education approaches.

The conversation begins with Amanda outlining her journey from a passionate educator to an entrepreneur in tech.

She shares insights from her book, highlighting how engagement plays a crucial role in effective learning.

Declan probes into the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in education, setting the stage for a deep dive into the implications of technology in reshaping learning experiences.

Summary of Podcast:

Journey and Inspiration: Amanda discusses her background in education, detailing her transition into the tech world.

She explains the inspiration behind Learning Frequency and her motivation to write The Seventh Level.

The Seventh Level - Concept and Impact: Amanda elaborates on the fundamental concepts of her book, focusing on the ‘seventh level’ of engagement.

She explains how this level transforms the traditional approach to teaching and learning.

AI in Education: Declan and Amanda explore the role of AI in modern education.

They discuss the benefits of personalized learning experiences and the potential of AI to address educational disparities.

Challenges in Technology and Education: The conversation shifts to the challenges posed by technology in education, including digital divide issues and maintaining human elements in learning.

Future of Learning and AI: Amanda shares her vision for the future of learning, emphasizing the integration of AI in creating more immersive and interactive educational experiences.

Summary by Section:

Introductions and Learning Frequency Overview:

- Slavin shares inspiration from Tony Hsieh’s quote about finding what’s uniquely interesting in every person; she relates to Learning Frequency’s goal of students owning their learning data and narratives.  

- Learning Frequency was born from a longitudinal study with an entrepreneurship-themed magnet school in Denver. ‘

The intention is to change how learning success is measured and defined, moving away from standardized evaluations.

- The core product is a questionnaire that maps students’ engagement preferences across seven levels.

It visualizes results into an NFT “frequency bot.” Students get a personalized plan for optimizing their learning based on their bot attributes.

Midjourney - Imagining the Frequency Bot and NFT Messagng

The Frequency Bot and NFTs:

- The frequency bot NFT has thousands of visual trait combinations. Students can mint and own their unique bot, reflecting their learning profile.

- Teachers also get a legend explaining how to interpret and work with different bot attributes in the classroom—for example, creating a “blue corner” for students who prefer quiet reflection.

- The NFT enables students to own their learning data and style literally and emotionally.

Applications of AI and Future Visions: 

The current research phase involves applying the seven levels of engagement to quantify quality and learning potential in games like Roblox and Minecraft.

- The vision is for games to pay Learning Frequency for certification and insights based on this engagement data, creating a feedback loop.

- Teachers can validate students for in-game learning time equivalent to homework. Teachers may recognize enriched gaming activities on par with schoolwork.

- As students own their learning data profiles, these can integrate across learning environments online and offline.

Summing Up

- Learning Frequency aims to develop meta-cognition and self-awareness in how students engage with content across modalities.

- Their NFT bot serves as an interoperable profile. Students take ownership of quantifying and optimizing their learning.

- AI depends on quality training data - Learning Frequency’s 7 Levels of Engagement seeks to provide a rich data set for personalization.

- The goal is blended realities and games certified for learning, with students validated for how they spend their time.

Fictional Future Student 

- how might this work?

Midjourney image - and a story about how this might work in the future.

This story is not from Learning Frequency; it is inspired by what they do…..

Meet Jada, a high school freshman who recently had her learning profile mapped by Learning Frequency.

Her frequency bot NFT revealed that Jada prefers to work independently in quiet spaces with noise-canceling headphones. She processes information best through visual modes first, then writing.

With these insights, Jada advocates for herself to have a dedicated, quiet working area in class. Her teachers let her listen to music while working on projects aligned with her interests, like designing video games.

The immersive worlds Jada creates in her games demonstrate critical thinking and creativity - skills that Learning Frequency’s AI measures and validates as enriching learning activities.

The learning data from Jada’s frequency bot flows securely into her self-sovereign learner profile. This interoperable profile means her learning identity can integrate across school domains, games, and projects.

When applying to specialized colleges, Jada leverages her profile for admissions and scholarships. She qualifies for an educational incentivization smart contract thanks to all her validated learning experiences to date.

Jada’s story shows how students can truly own and benefit from their learning data when provided with the right tools.

As traditional education and career pipelines shift with advances in AI, self-knowledge and lifelong learning will become the best investments. 

Jada’s profile will be enriched over time as her interests grow. But the core element - her own frequency bot - will always reflect the unique learner she is and wants to become.

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